creating psychic healing superheroes

Garz Chan is a Chinese Energy Healing practitioner. She is also certified in Kundalini Yoga, DNA Theta Healing, Aroma Touch, Innergetics, Akashic Records, Quantum Touch, 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing, Pranic Healing, The Emotion Code, and is a master I.E.T.,  practitioner and a master NLP life coach. She has studied Psychic Mediumship with various teachers including Lisa Williams, Tony Stockwell and Thomas John.

Garz has a private practice in Los Angeles, California and also teaches weekend workshops at

Garz believes in magic and miracles. Her world vision is a planet full of psychic healing superheroes. Helping people find their purpose, live their potential and use their gifts; is her purpose.

Thank you for reading, infinite blessings to you!