Clear The unseen, unknown, unconscious.

Freedom... is being who you came here to be.

Chinese Energy Healing also viewed as Subconscious Hacking removes hidden issues, hidden traumas and hidden patterns from the subconscious/unconscious mind, the central nervous system, the 7 subtle bodies, chakras and all 12 systems of the body, so one can live their life with ease. Manifesting the relationships, career, abundance and joy in one's life requires deleting blockages in the person's mind, body, spirit and soul. When issues are resolved on a cellular level, one can experience movement and freedom in all areas of their life. Everyone has the ability to heal themselves, once the weaknesses are pinpointed, corrected and cleared.

"My purpose is assisting others in living their potential and divine purpose. My world vision is a planet full of psychic healing superheroes." Garz Chan

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"One generation plants trees so another can enjoy the shade."

-Lee Sun Fuk, my Granddad.