For best results, please refrain from being in an altered state.

Remote sessions garner the same results as in person. 

For remote sessions, please be in a quiet, private space, free from any disturbances.

No preparation is required for your session, although having a notepad and pen ready is recommended to write down homework, for remote sessions.

For in person sessions, please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne. Deodorant and essential oils is acceptable.

It is not recommended to record sessions as remembering what is removed or deleted can reactivate issues.

For most people, more than one session is required for a deep clearing, as energy healing happens in layers. Imagine if you haven’t cleaned your home in 30 - 40 years, a lot is accumulated, therefore a lot needs to be cleared. On average, most people require 3 - 5 sessions for a deep clearing. Those experiencing chronic issues may require more.

The amount of sessions required, varies from person to person, depending on lifestyle and daily habits. For stubborn or intense traumas, it is recommended to attend one session a week, or one session a fortnight - until the issue has shifted.

It is not recommended to have two sessions per week, as a process of integration into daily life is needed.

Some people may experience a powerful “detox process,” after their first session. It may involve feeling strong emotions for a few days, and in some rare cases - a regular cold. This is perfectly normal as the body releases old and accumulated emotions, traumas and karmas.

Aftercare is important. Here are some suggestions: take a 20-30-minute hot salt bath, with Dead Sea salts and pink Himalayan salts. (Dead Sea salt pulls out negative, stale and stagnant energies, while pink Himalayan salt clears the auric field). You can also listen to binaural beats to remove negativity, grief, anger, sadness, fear, etc. You can find these on YouTube. Please do not listen to binaural beats if you are epileptic or prone to having seizures. A couple drops of your favorite essential oil on the soles of your feet is also beneficial, as the largest pores on your body, are on the soles of your feet. This allows the oils to absorb into your bloodstream within one minute.

Please also perform a salt smudge in your home so that the energy in your home supports the work we do in the session. The molecules in the air of your home contains your thosenes. (thoughts, sentiments and emotions). Think of it as - not wearing dirty clothes after bathing.

1.     take a saucepan

2.     add 2-3tbs of any salt into the saucepan

3.     pour enough rubbing alcohol over the salt, enough to wet all the grains of salt

4.     put on oven gloves or mitts

5.     set the salt and rubbing alcohol mixture on fire

6.     walk around each room and waft the fire throughout your home

7.     when the fire extinguishes, rinse and repeat until all rooms are smudged

8.     repeat once a month

Please minimize interactions with toxic people and harmful environments upon your healing journey.

Garz is not a licensed Doctor, hence she does not diagnose or prescribe.