manifest magic miracles

Garz has been such an incredible gift for me over the years I’ve been blessed to work with her. Since doing so, my career and my love life have flourished! I make 20 times what I was making and I am in an incredible relationship with my partner. I could not be more grateful.
— Jade Tailor
Garz is the real deal, her kind and deep spirit help guide her clients to get in tune with their best selves. miracles happen in her presence!
— Leon Logothetis
One week after my first session with Garz, I received F O U R unexpected checks. I was literally screaming. It’s one of the biggest payouts I’ve ever received. In the weeks following, the creative opportunities I’ve always dreamed of presented themselves with ease. My eyes are constantly filling with tears of joy - oh my goodness... it’s happening. You have to do the work, but if you’re willing to dive in - Garz will take you all the way. The Universe is yours. Thank you, Garz.
— Lori Dorfman
I took 3 amazing sessions with Garz. Now 3 months later, I feel like a different person. My body was heading me for a train wreck like my older brother, (diagnosed with diabetes and a heart operation). I let go of the fear of getting the same, effortlessly found a new lifestyle and lost weight as a result. I finished a semester in college this summer, I felt literally on fire, with a 99.2% grade point average. I am starting a second business, hiring a new employee, created a new product, and an online store for my company. I redesigned my class and rewrote part of the master practitioner manual. All the things I put off for 5yrs.
I also expanded the social entrepreneurship part of my company. (The natural disaster hit on Lombok destroying the home of a foundation housing 80 abused and neglected children). Their teachers and counselors are doing my training. I will also personally head to Lombok to teach/help them with their first efforts to work with fear, trauma and improving education. I feel balanced, peaceful and focused. I feel a sense of serenity to accept the people I cannot change and to help more of those I can.
— Nicole Schneider, Global NLP Training
Since seeing Garz countless authentic happenings occurred that not only felt successful but joyful and true to myself. AfterEllen featured an article on me. Splitsider and WHOHAHA featured a commercial I made. I attracted a publicist that had good integrity. And two meetings with reputable production companies. My buddies and I also booked a comedy run at one of the best comedy clubs in town, UCB Franklin. And to top it off, I got to spend 2hrs with Helen Hunt! It’s really As good as it Gets after seeing Garz. She’s one of the most loving, kind and prolific healers and I feel lucky and grateful to have met her. If you want to find the parts of yourself that went missing, go see Garz!
— Mollie Merkel
I was at the end of my rope with severe neck and back pain and had tried every traditional medical and alternative healing I could. I recently had 12 adjustments by my Chiropractor which always works for me but the pain seemed to be getting worse! Nothing was helping. I also was in a pattern of just “getting by” financially. One session, some homework and 2 days later, my neck pain is virtually gone. 5 days later, I found out my Qtr bonus will be double what it has been in the previous 4 Qtrs! I wasn’t sure what she could do or if I even really believed it, but all I can say is she is amazing! My life is forever changed!
— Andrea Brooks
I had no idea what I was walking into when I contacted Garz. All I knew is that my body, heart and soul were in dire need of repair. I arrived to her place like a lost puppy wanting to make all the hurt go away. I immediately felt at ease as she transmits pure energy. I arrived feeling empty and felt an immediate transformation. Garz is such a gentle soul that brought peace and comfort to my broken soul.
— Yolanda Soto
So Garz is an Angel. Aside from having an insanely wonderful gift, her ability to use and distribute it is something that can’t actually be described in words. When you are ready and committed to embarking on some major Self Work, call her up... because she will hold you accountable for the information she gives you.. this is not a quick fix or a pit stop along the way! She’s kind of like a super badass personal trainer but for your Spirit! She is one of the best gifts you can give OR receive. She’s got a Heart of Gold and exudes LOVE.
— Jourdan Whitehead
Garz is a powerful and loving force. After a few sessions and some other life guidance I consider her a spiritual mentor. I don’t often say that and I’ve only known Garz a few months, but she has a unique combination of strength, directness and compassion that I trust deeply. Get to know her and see where it leads you.
— Tapan Maniar
Garz is a blessing! She is passionate about what she does and helps you change for the better. She is warm, loving and comforting to be around. Since working with her, I’ve learned a lot about myself and have grown in my thoughts and beliefs. My wellbeing has improved greatly and I have the life skills to manage my daily stressors. She is one of a kind and I’m thankful for her love and wisdom!
— Cecilia Fernandez
She is immensely gifted in cutting straight into the root of what is going on and masterfully cleaning. Her style taught me a lot. As a healer myself, some of her techniques I use already, but her precision was deadly accurate and her way of doing her work was super effective and I found myself taking mental notes throughout our sessions. As someone who already works with my own energy extensively, I found myself in a jam was looking for assistance from a healer to help me cut through something major that came up and got me completely stuck. Garz got me back on my feet very quickly as I only had a short time in Los Angeles. Energy work can be tricky, and often takes time, especially when we find ourselves stuck like I did, so to have such great results after only two sessions was the answer to prayer.

The sign of a true healer is one who also tells you the truth, and sends you on your way. She did exactly that when she told me, you can heal the rest yourself.
— Kelcey Fredette
Garz is truly an extraordinary human- incredibly intuitive and compassionate. I found her while going through a series of really painful life events. I’ve seen her for all but five sessions and have experienced tremendous growth as she helped me discover an infinite source of light and love, and a fortitude of strength in myself I never knew existed. I’ve healed from what I thought would’ve taken me years to recover from. Couldn’t express in words the gratitude I will forever hold for having met Garz.
— Helen Hahn
Garz is truly an exceptional person; powerful in an unintimidating way, kind, focused, compassionate, passionate, and a very gifted healer. She is able to quickly tune into where your blocks and limits are so that they can be removed, offering up the kind of life you want and deserve. She is SO nonjudgmental and is extremely clear in what she sees. Her work is powerful and shifts are made that I saw immediately. Being with her is being in the presence of a kind Sage or teacher. She is truly exceptional and I just adore her and highly recommend her!
— Catherine DeMonte
Words cannot describe my experiences, the healing results/outcome, my renewed sense of myself and my soul/spirit, and the absolutely amazing healer, Garz. She is literally a godsend to me. She has been a powerful and loving force in my life, in ways that I’ve never experienced or could imagine. She is beyond words, beyond human.....indeed an angelic superpower hero/gift from the universe. You will be giving yourself the biggest gift, by allowing her to cross your path and receiving the goodness that she is so meant to give/provide to us on this earth. She is certainly a game changer in my life. Thank you so so much, Garz.
— Eunice Huang
Garz is one of a kind and a true superhero in human form. She is genuinely loving and really puts in work with you. Make sure to do the homework. And really listen to what she has to say with an open mind and use your heart. And set your intention.
— Randal Sin
Garz has a gift I’ve never experienced before. Her gentle nature and intuitive soul creates a safe space to release and heal any and all matters of the mind, body and soul. I had a clearing session with her and this resulted in me changing careers, letting go of a toxic relationship and manifesting financial abundance.
— Torey Bastman
Over the course of time, I’ve worked with many energy practitioners and have experimented with a diverse array of healing modalities. What I know, is that it is rare to find someone who is the real deal. I would whole heartedly advise you to work with Garz if you are looking to forward your life. Among her qualities are kindness, mastery, humor, impeccability and a fierce commitment to your wellbeing and advancement. Garz has been where you are and she will help you find the inner power and resources that are unique to you. She gets my highest recommendation!
— Michael Nichols
Incredible... My family and I have all seen many energy healers over the years. And, some of the “top” healers, helped a little but, no comparison to Garz. She’s the real deal, getting to the root of your issues which, like a trees roots (many, complicated & twisted together). I started seeing her for migraines, fibromyalgia/CFS, IBS and many other health issues. Within the first session, I could feel the difference. I’ve had a dramatic improvement from being in bed nearly all the time, I was able to get up and take her 2 day class. This is HUGE for me as any person with serious health issues would understand. Even more exciting is how much she’s helped my son. He had been suffering from anger issues after abusing drugs (as many teenagers do) though he was “clean” he couldn’t get past anger. After the first session with Garz, there was an instant change. He’s like his old happy self, before the drugs. His wife is seeing her also, she too is so much happier, after Garz she’s been able to forgive my son (obvious reasons) and move into a good place within their relationship. We are one big happy family now. We all love working with her, feeling so much lighter and happy. We’re feeling real freedom! Thank you Garz, so much for the work you do, we know it’s intense and takes tremendous energy. We are truly grateful.
— DeBranne Treu