The Ampcoil is a non-invasive PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) biofeedback/Tesla based sound technology, that re-energizes damaged cells by restoring them to their normal homeostasis/state. It is used for autoimmune disorders.

Blood cells are regenerated
Circulation is improved
Oxygen carrying capacity is increased
Nervous system relaxes
Bones and joints become stronger
Vital organs are able to detox impurities
Immune system becomes healthier

NOT to be used by pregnant/breastfeeding mothers, those with pacemakers/electronic metal implants or those undergoing chemotherapy. Not to be used on consecutive days. The Ampcoil does not diagnose or claim to cure.

The Ampcoil is most effective in person. Please bring water to your session, the Ampcoil can dehydrate.

Options: select 1 item, use four times in 10 days, or select 2 items, use six times within 20 days, or select 5 items, use ten times within 10- 25 days.

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